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Our other websites and databases:

Synthetic Universe – here you can find many big databases with binary systems for several physical models with their descriptions. The databases have been generated with StarTrack code for many years and have been used in different scientific projects. Some of them (for example Belczynski et al. 2020) are listed in Download tab.

UNIVERSE@HOME – here you may also find simulation databases used in our scientific projects. The authors also attach database with the current black hole (BH) detections with the parameters such as masses, spins, system types, location etc…

Syntetic catalog of black holes (BHs) in the Milky Way – this is a database with the syntetic population of Galactic BHs (bulge, disk and halo) which includes both single BHs and BHs in all types of binary systems. We provide the parameters such as masses, velocities, orbital parameters, age etc. The details are described in Olejak et al. 2020.

The websites worth to visit:

The website of Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center.

MOCCA – the MOCCA code is currently one of the most advanced codes for simulating real size star clusters. It follows the star cluster evolution closely to N-body codes but is much faster! We use MOCCA code to perform simulation of star clusters related to black holes.

BEANS – is a web-based software for interactive distributed data analysis with a clear interface for querying, filtering, aggregating, and plotting data from an arbitrary number of datasets and tables. We use BEANS for some data analysis, especially coming from MOCCA simulations.

Massive Stars Website (IAU Commission on Massive Stars) – newsletter with abstracts of most recent research about massive stars.

StellarCollapse is a catalog with parameters of so far detected black holes and neutron stars (Galactic and extragalactic).